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As RIIL Proposes to Move Football to The Spring of 2021, Stetson says it’s Business as Usual at West

Since the Coronavirus outbreak occurred in March, it was the beginning of uncertainty for schools all over the country. Schools closed and switched to virtual learning, spring sports were cancelled at all schools and temporarily suspend youth sports as well. This outbreak put the world on pause and left us all questioning, whats next?

As we enter the second half of 2020 and the middle of the summer months, it begs the question to many school districts in New England, will there be fall sports? There is a proposal going around that the Rhode Island Interscholastic League is considering moving all fall sports to the spring. Though the proposal has yet to be finalized by the administration, it is the last thing on Cranston High School West's Brennan Stetson's mind as he continues to get ready for the upcoming football season.

Stetson said "We've been working-out for weeks anticipating that the season will start on time but if it doesn't we'll be ready to go."

Stetson is entering his Senior season and is one of the captains of the team this year. We asked him how this proposed move will affect his team;

"I don't think that it matters when we play as long as we get to play and compete , our mental toughness will be there and will be ready to go whether the season starts in the fall or the spring."

Also asked him personally what it would mean for him if the switch happens. Stetson said that he was considering playing track last spring but had some nagging injuries after football season that he wanted to address to get ready for 2020.

As for sports in general he said "the switch will obviously affect sports playing in the spring and the fall and a lot of athletes will be star struck about changing the season. That's what we do as athletes we adapt to whatever situation comes at us, and I know many of us are ready to go, spring or fall."

Stetson brought up a good point saying the athletes will be faced with some adversity heading into their seasons. All sports will be affected because in some cases you have other student athletes play multiple sports while in high school. You will have some that will do track and field ; some that will play baseball/softball; others that play tennis. The list can go on. However as Stetson said they are willing to adjust and will play when they are told whether that is in the fall as scheduled or playing in the spring.

As captain, we asked how he is keeping his team motivated despite the uncertainty.

"the team is motivated ready to go whenever the season may start. We have been practicing together to get ready and no matter when or where we playing, we will be ready”, said Stetson.

We also asked Stetson what his goals are entering the new football season.

He stated: "success obviously. We're coming off of success, we had a great team of with last year‘s senior group. Last I checked we still have kids that want to work, get out on the field and hustle. My exceptions is to come out as a team and have a great Senior season, and teaching the younger kids to form a really nice team."

Stetson said that he would like to play football in college but is unsure of what school he wants to attend next fall.

What will the ruling be for fall sports? Will they get moved to the spring? Nothing official yet as of yet about what will happen to fall sports. One thing we do is that Stetson is confident that he and his team will be ready to go no matter what.

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