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Biden Would Continue Obama’s Policies Of Appeasement...

Iran’s President has called on Joe Biden to return to the “Iran Nuke Deal” and sadly Joe Biden is listening. Hassan Rouhani has asked Joe Biden to “compensate for past mistakes”. There wouldn’t be a happier regime on the planet to see a Biden-Harris presidency, because this would mark a return to Obama’s appeasement approach to handling Iran and make no mistake that approach has and will cost lives.

It’s a well known fact, that Iran has been the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Since the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979, the Iranian regime has been a habitual offender of sponsoring terrorism against the United States and its allies. Not only has Iran carried out direct attacks, they have committed many more acts of terrorism via proxy... and they done so because they were able to fund them.

When President Trump exited the nuke deal and implemented crippling financial sanctions on the Iranian regime, it was no coincidence that acts of terrorism have also plummeted. A Biden presidency would adversely effect that drop in terrorism. A lift in sanctions and a return to the nuke deal, would allow Iran to once again carry out more acts of terrorism directly and indirectly via proxy. It makes you wonder, how the tax-payer money the Obama Administration sent over to Iran, in the 11th hour of his presidency was spent?

~Uncle Felix

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