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Boone Get's Tossed... Again

Image c/o: Getty Images

As expected, when the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins play one another things always tend to get heated. This time, during Friday night’s game, the drama quickly began in the first ten minutes of the game. Aaron Boone, manager of the Yankees, got ejected at the bottom of the first inning due to annoyance by plate umpire John Trumpane. 

His rage began with Trumpane’s below the knee strike three call on Aaron Judge. But, what really got for him rattled was Aaron’s Hicks borderline low strike call directly after Judge’s. Immediately following up this call, Boone darted towards the plate from the home dugout approaching Trumpane. There was screaming, pointing, and plenty of profanity involved. We heard Boone actually scream, “Guys got a good f***ing sinker, but those are not f***ing strikes. Get it the f*** together, this s*** matters!” 

Due to Boone’s actions he was immediately ejected and asked to leave the field. This is his second ejection of the season so far and eleventh of his three-year career. After the ejection last night, the Yankees were left by themselves and down by three. Fans hoped that the managers' fired up moment would trigger more runs after their horrible start, but that wasn’t the case, and they lost 4to 3. 

Sure, there have been plenty of ups and downs with the Yankees 2020 season leaving Aaron Boone with a lot to take into consideration. For instance, the ongoing battle between Gary Sanchez and Kyle Higashioka or how Domingo German is not pitching in 2020 leaving them with one less pitcher. However, Boone chose last night to let it all out and leave it on the field. In a sense he was right; every single call in last night's game mattered because they were playing for the home field advantage in the first round of the American League Playoffs. 

Let’s hope that he can hold it together for the following games to come, and have a smooth remaining season to the Yankees rough start. 

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