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Brady puts a new stamp in the NFL history books in more ways than one

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Tom Brady does not lose three times to the same team in the same season... That stat and aura around him is something that cannot be measured. No matter how incredible that stat is, there is one that will really knock your socks off! Check this out...

In a tweet from former NFL player and host of the Ross Tucker Podcast, Ross Tucker laid out the craziest Tom Brady postseason stat ever.

Tom Brady has been to the conference championship 14 out of 19 seasons as a starter. Well, fellow Patriots Fans, 13 of those belong to us. If you harbor ill will towards Brady for heading to Tampa Bay in the twilight of his career, I think you need to look in the mirror. I mean seriously, we were blessed as fans to have the greatest coach and quarterback of all-time handing us hardware for 19 seasons.

While Brady has been to a championship game 74 percent of his career, he still makes time to say goodbye to an old pal. Brady and Brees have been crossing paths since 1999 when Brady was a Wolverine and Brees was a Boilermaker. The comparison of their respective careers has been put out there for the world to see for years. Brees owns records, but the championship games and Lombardi Trophy count is something Brees, nor anyone else, will touch for a very long time.

After the game on Sunday night, Brady spent a moment with Brees and his family. Another reason he is the GOAT. Tossing a TD pass to Brees's son and paying respect to a fellow legend.

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