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Does the NFL have a COVID problem?

Patriots suffer positive tests again as Colts become another team to report its first positive tests.

The New England Patriots have canceled all football operations today in the wake of more positive tests. The team announced that two new players, one of which we know to be center James Ferentz, meaning this is not Newton, Gilmore or the two practice squad members, received positive tests this morning. They have closed off the facility, all players and staff were sent home and all scheduled sessions were cancelled. The Patriots are still expected to play the already twice canceled game against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. The NFL, however, may have a bigger issue that could be at a tipping point. While the Patriots became the first team to announce a "second wave", this being where they had new positive cases after having had a team full negative test, the Indianapolis Colts added their name to the list of teams having positive cases today with the announcement of perhaps as many as four positive tests and shutting down their football facilities as well. The NFL in building their 2020 schedule left no room for error as we saw indicated last week when they had to shift as many as eight games to accommodate just two game cancellations in that of the Titans vs. Bills and Patriots vs. Broncos games. Another shifting of "eight" games would potentially cause a havoc on the playoff structure at the end of the season. Could we see the possibility of no off-week in between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. There has already been a hint to the necessity of that with the cancellation of the 2020 Pro Bowl which was scheduled to be held during that week at the new Las Vegas Raiders home Allegiant Stadium. So far, the list of affected, virus positives or not, stands at the Patriots, Titans, Bills, Chiefs, Steelers, Broncos, Colts, Vikings, Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, and Jaguars. That's almost half of the league! Stay tuned for more as this is a developing story...

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