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Falcons Faithful for a Season

Image C/O: Miccolo De La Rosa

The Cranston West Falcons Lacrosse Team is looking to step on the field this upcoming spring season. They are not seeking to have a repeat of the 2019-20 season, where it ended before official practices could even begin.

This team is lead by Senior Captain Midfielder Nico Mainelli and Senior Captain D-pole Chris Carbone Jr. The Falcons are hoping to make a powerful playoff push., and with a veteran returning cast of 14 seniors, mixed in with skilled underclassmen, the Falcons are expected to make a splash in the D2 division.

The Falcons are also welcoming new Head Coach Eric Stuchurski and Assistant Coach Jason Levy. Their goal is to be a competitive D2 team to make a push up to D1. Sadly the 2019-20 season ended before the Falcons could even start so for the upcoming season, the kids are putting it all on the line.

I was able to hop on a call with Senior Nico Mainelli about the potentiality of losing out on his last season as a Falcon. He replied with "I don't want to even think about losing it. Losing last season was devastating enough, I can't imagine what I'd be going through if we lose this one. Especially because this is my last season." Mainelli is very passionate about the sport. Hopefully, things will get a little better and we can find a way to play." He is staying as positive as possible during these tough times.

I was also able to talk to Senior LSM/D-pole Austin Bordieri. He is newer to the game of lacrosse, and I wanted to get his view of possibly losing his senior season. He replied, "Being a newer player to the sport, and not being able to get on the field is hurtful." This refers to any sport, you will get better with in-game experience, and Covid-19 has prevented this. "If the 2019-20 season didn't get canceled I feel that I would've had a better experience, it would be better, but unfortunately that wasn't able to happen, and it's not a good feeling."

I discussed this situation with Falcons Head Coach Eric Stuchurski. He stated, "my disagreement lied in where lacrosse is classified - we're considered high risk along with football whereas ice and field hockey are moderated risk." In many people's eyes, lacrosse shouldn't be considered high risk while sports like basketball are moderate. "I just hope we can find a way to stay as safe as possible, but still can play the game."

With 2021 a little over a month away the Falcons are faithful for a season.

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