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Jones vs Adesanya: The Lost Dream Fight by Mark Tosi

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A legendary bout that any UFC fan would love to watch, the question being, will it still happen? With the closing of UFC 259 and the main events conclusion sealing in a first defeat on the record of Israel Adesanya, the hopes of a dream match between Jones and Adesanya have been severely stunted if not completely eliminated. Prior to UFC 259 everyone, Adesanya, Jones, and even Dana White had been discussing the possibility of the future mega fight. Adesanya having been such a dominant opponent, clearing his way through the middleweight division and Jones, being one of the greatest fighters the UFC has ever seen; a bounty was on the heads of both of these fighters by the other.

Unfortunately that mega fight and the reason to have that defeat-less mega fight has been severely crippled. Adesanya banking in his first loss in a respectable fashion, he has lost that mystical veil which undefeated fighters bask in, something Jon Jones has still yet to lose (when disregarding his disqualification loss vs Matt Hamill). The dream of witnessing these two technical legends brawl it out in the octagon has come to an end unless the cards can fall perfectly into place.

Entering UFC 259, Israel Adesanya weighed in at a short weight of 203.9lbs, the reason being he wished to test himself vs the light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz, a test that would prove grueling for Adesanya indeed. Coming in at this low of weight prior to a light heavyweight match is unheard of, that being a testament to Adesanya's bravery and confidence in skill. The fight was pretty evenly matched on the feet, Adesanya landing combinations, Blachowicz throwing them back. On the ground was a different story. While Adesanya was able to shake off a few of Jan's takedowns, Blachowicz inevitably got Adesanya to the ground. Where because of the weight advantage and skill differential on the mat, Blachowicz was able to smother him for the final rounds of the fight. This being said, Adesanya being at that short weight had made a significant difference in the outcome of that fight and what it could have been. Jan Blachowicz stating in the post-fight press conference that, at Adesanya's weight Blachowicz was capable of enduring Adesanya's blows and his inability on the ground.

Jon Jones has claimed in a tweet loosely that the Adesanya vs Jones fight will not happen, stating “Yea never mind, that’s not even worth my time”. Showing a complete lack of interest in a fight with the middleweight champ Israel Adesanya. As for Adesanya, he has stated that “You’ll see me back at 205lbs. later in the future”, showing promise in Adesanya’s drive to avenge that loss vs the light heavyweight champ and eventually, down the line, possibly reigniting a super fight with Jon Jones.

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