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Kemba OUT, Horford IN. Brad Stevens' first big move!

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Brad Stevens, President of Basketball Operations, has made his first move in his new role as he sends Kemba Walker, the No.16 draft pick this year, and a 2025 second-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder in return for Al Horford, Moses Brown and a 2023 second-round pick according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

It was no secret that Kemba Walker was not the best fit in Boston. After signing a four year $141 million dollar deal with the Celtics, Walker became riddled with knee injuries and clearly wasn’t the same player he was in Charlotte. This move by Brad sends the rest of Kemba’s contract ($73 million) to OKC freeing up roughly $20 million dollars of salary for the C’s.

A familiar face returns to the team as former Celtic, Al Horford is back in Boston. The fan favorite PF/C brought great leadership and defense to the Celtics in his time with the team. He averaged 13.5 PPG in Boston with 6.9 rebounds. Horford left in 2019 for the 76ers where it didn’t work out and was traded to the Thunder last season. Horford bounced back in OKC, but the front office benched him in what looked to be an attempt at tanking.

Stevens acquired Moses Brown as well in this trade. Brown is a third-year Center in the league playing for both Portland and OKC. This past season on the Thunder, Brown averaged 8.6 PPG on 8.9 rebounds adding more depth to the Center position for the Celtics.

How would you rate Steven’s first big move as the President of Basketball Operations? Are Timelord, Tacko and Grant still safe here in Boston? Let us know below!

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