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Marc Zumoff retires after 35+ years of broadcasting for the 76ers

On June 29, 2021, legendary Philadelphia 76ers broadcaster Marc Zumoff announced his retirement after 35+ years of broadcasting, 27 of them as the play-by-play announcer of the Philadelphia 76ers. Let’s break down Zumoff’s legendary career.

Zumoff, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he grew up watching the 76ers of the 1960s and 1970s. Zumoff recalls going to his first game when he was 8 years old. “It was February 29, 1964, I was eight years old; and that was the night the Philadelphia 76ers became my first love.” Zumoff said. The 76ers teams of the 1960s and 1970s were stacked with all-time greats such as Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Hal Greer, and George McGinnis. Those players' legendary performances and personality on and off the court made fans in Philadelphia gravitate towards them.

In 1977, Zumoff started his broadcasting career as a college student at Temple University. At Temple, he announced both football and basketball games. Zumoff would leave Temple before graduating to work for two radio stations in New Jersey, WTTM Radio in Trenton and WHWH in Princeton. While at WHWH Zumoff was given the opportunity to call the basketball and football games for Princeton University as well.

In 1983, Zumoff would get the opportunity to be the 76ers pre-game/halftime/post-game host after the departure of hall of fame broadcaster, Jim Gray. After 11 year of being a host and filling in as play-by-play announcer for Philadelphia pro teams and Philadelphia area colleges from time to time, Zumoff was officially named the Philadelphia 76ers play-by-play announcer on August 17,1994. Zumoff would go on to win the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for best sports broadcaster 19 times in 27 years of being the play-by-play announcer of the 76ers.

Marc Zumoff will always be remembered for the energy that brought to each broadcast, even when the 76ers were losing at historic rates. The Philadelphia 76ers plan to honor Zumoff at one of their home games next season. Zoo will be missed, but never forgotten in the hearts of Philadelphia sports fans.

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