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Michael Jordan and Bubba Wallace : Black Faces involved with NASCAR

Iconic basketball star and entrepreneur Michael Jordan has created a buzz around the NASCAR organization. Jordan and Denny Hamlin have partnered up to Co-Own a NASCAR Team called "HIs Ainess". Jordan and Hamlin made some huge noise when they announced that they wanted Bubba Wallace to drive for their team. Wallace agreed that he would drive for the team, which sent roars of engagement, as well as a lot of criticism on social media platforms.

Wallace is the only African American driver in NASCAR and received a lot of backlash this year when he spoke about racial injustice. A lot of NASCAR fans were upset that he used his platform to talk about what was going in the country, as well as his experience being the only driver that was a person of color. NASCAR supported his every move and responded in a unified manner. Ratings have dropped for NASCAR slightly, because of the efforts that NASCAR is trying to improve.

Bringing in Michael Jordan could bring more of a bigger audience to NASCAR, because he is "Black Jesus" and everyone would want to see him in person. Everything Jordan touches turn into money. Bringing Bubba Wallace to his company will help build his brand, as well as let people know that Black Drivers do exist in NASCAR. This could be the key factor that NASCAR needed to diversify its audience and bring more inclusion into the organization.

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