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NFL Requires Fans to Wear Face Coverings to NFL Games

New York- The National Football League has decided that fans will be required to wear face masks or face coverings to keep the Covid-19 spread down.

The NFL has been very optimistic about having fans in the stands this year, but the optimism may be fading little by little because the spread has been increasing and the fire has not been able to be contained. If and when the NFL allows fans to come in stadiums there will be a mandate of regulations. Fans will have to wear face coverings and can only take them off when eating and drinking, have a temperature check before they get into the stadium, and have to be spread apart (social distancing).

Covid-19 has spread around the globe and 631,406 people have died from this strain of the virus. Cases are increasing and uncertainty has fallen aligned with a lot of NFL players, as well as with the NFL committee. The NFL decided this past week that they were going to cut the entire preseason and that left a lot of players without jobs. Despite everything, the NFL wants to bring back sports so fans can take their minds off of what is going on politically, as well as globally around the globe.

Time will tell if the NFL has to cancel the hope of fans attending live games this year.

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