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NHLPA and NHL make decision to cancel games until Saturday.

Toronto, ON - On the heels of last night's cancellations across the sports world from the NBA, WNBA, MLS and MLB. The NHLPA along with members of it's HDA (Hockey Diversity Council) began this afternoon to have discussions with Evander Kane, co-head of the HDA. After these discussions occurred, Matt Dumba, Wayne Simmonds, Anthony DuClair and others began to post via Twitter the statement from their organization:

"We the @TheOfficialHDA have formally requested the @NHL to suspend all playoff games today. We strongly feel this sends a clear message that human rights take priority over sports.”

It began to percolate around the bubble in both Toronto and Edmonton that many players from the teams involved both who were scheduled to play tonight or those to play tomorrow were discussing not appearing for their games. While it was only one hour before game time for the Flyers vs. Islanders, a few hours ago we began to hear players saying "expect to see a cancellation coming".

At 6:00pm ET, the NHL and the NHLPA finally released a joint statement on the matter and have announced that members from each team will be made available to the media from their respective bubble sites.

This is a developing story with more to come..

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