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Pat Shurmur talks about the Challenges with facing the Patriots' defense

The New England Patriots' mastermind Bill Belichick has been one of the head coaches around the league that can stop high scoring offenses at any given moment. For three quarters last week, the Patriots stopped Patrick Mahomes and held the Chiefs' offense to 13 points. The only reason why the Chiefs' offense exploded in the fourth quarter was turnovers by the Patriots.

This week, the Patriots will be facing a Denver Broncos team that has struggled to find their identity, as well as put together positive drives in each of their games this season. The Broncos are 1-3 and are desperately looking to pull out the upset against the Patriots. Broncos offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur understands that he will have challenges facing the Patriots' defense. "I think they’re a defense where up front it obviously starts with one gap where it’s kind of a man with a man and they do a good job of defending the front, as usual. And then in the back end, they play a heck of a lot of man coverage where it’s man on man," said Shurmur

"They obviously are very effective doing that. That’s been the challenge all the time when playing against Bill, their fronts tend to be multiple like most teams, but they do it in a way that makes the most sense for their players. They’ll play a scheme at times but there will be different players playing within that scheme, so you have to make sure you’re doing a good job of blocking spot."

The Broncos are looking to spread the ball around to different wide receivers to catch the Patriots off guard. Denver wants Jerry Jeudy to be the playmaker and exploit the holes in New England, but Shurmur knows that it will be hard. This could be a make or break game for the Broncos, because the Chiefs are leading their division and it will be nearly impossible to make up that type of ground if the Broncos lose another game.


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