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Patriots Preview: Hoyer vs Rodgers

This weekend the Patriots will travel to Green Bay to face off against the 2-time reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers who currently sit at 2-1 after winning their previous 2 games. The Patriots sit at 1-2 but their record may not be as deflated as it seems off first glance. Their losses are to two of the best teams in their conference, the Dolphins and the Ravens, who may have the best two offenses in the league.

The Packers who usually carry this distinction with their prolific passing game led by Rodgers, have gotten off to a slow start offensively. Through their first three games, the Packers have improved each time but in different areas, one area that still seems to be under construction is their passing game and more specifically, their wide receivers. After Davante Adams departure to Las Vegas this offseason it's been clear that the Packers will have growing pains to start the season in this positional group and so far that couldn't be closer to the truth. Last week against a talented Buc

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caneers secondary, the Packers were unable to put up any points or get almost any offensive progression after their touchdown 7 minutes into the second quarter. This bodes well for the Patriots as their secondary and total defense has been within par with the Bucs and could use their slugging pace to shock the world and hold the Packers to a very close and tough game.

Boy will they need their defense to do just that because their offense is in for a very tough week if not a tough month or two. Mac Jones is feared to have suffered a severe high ankle sprain and is expected to miss about 2 months of action even though the Patriots organization has not made any timetable clear to this point. What is clear is that Brian Hoyer will get the start this Sunday which is cause for stress, but not for panic. Hoyer has been a decent starter for the Patriots over the last 3 years, he's not going to be throwing 4 touchdowns or anything but he will run this offense well and can lead the team to victory in close games.

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The Packers will be favored for this game by 9.5 points because of the injury to Jones and the hometown advantage from the cheese-heads. This game will be a slow and slugging game to say the least with the Patriots needing the defense to keep this game close if they have any chance. The best case scenario for the Pats is a sequel to the Packers game last week when they were limited to 14 points. The Patriots -9.5 is a good pick to take for all of our betting fans out there as this game will most likely be played at a very slow pace and the Packers defense isn't in the top tier meaning the Patriots may still be able to put some points on the board.

One thing is for sure and that is the Patriots will need to ease this QB situation on the team and not force anything. Jones will likely miss several weeks and this is not the easiest game on the schedule, so use this game as a practice to build up Hoyer's chemistry and while still being competitive, look forward to the next coming weeks so that they have a chance to keep a good record while Jones is gone instead of using all of their energy to win this 1 football game.

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