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Rhody versus George Mason... new world adjustment to no fans

The ban was lifited for media, so I could come to the prestigious Ryan Center to cover the Rhody Rams taking on the Patriots of George Mason, but it was not the same without the fans.

Whats more exciting the divison 1 college sports? These players going for it all, nothing to lose. Every game is an opportunity for a player to up their draft status, boost there credit on the team or become part of a school legacy. The roar of the crowd from your home school fans when you score or make a great defensive play is priceless. What about now, with no crowd and piped in noise. There is a recording of the cheerleaders saying go, go, go!

I have to say this is definitely one of the coolest and weirdest experinces in my career. I will give all the credit to Rhode Isalnd's communication team and athletic department. Foe all intents and purpose they did it as right as anyone possible could. Still, being here with no fans vividly reminds me of what it is like coming to the games WITH fans. Live sporting events are addicting as a fan. The event and ora around the energy of it all just cannot be matched.

No fans? Big problem... I feel for the players who are losing the "IT" factor of having their home fans, home field or home court advantage. That playing at home feeling means just that much less now. Hey at least they are playing! Damn, I miss the fans

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