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Tennis Star Announces Retirement

New York- Sensational tennis star Julia Georges has decided to put down her racket and end her career in a very moving way.

Georges was a force to be reckoned with on the court and off the court. Before she retired, she was ranked 45th in the world. Georges had a 15 year career and decided that she was finished playing tennis and wanted to transition into another passion. She is excited for her transitional journey, but before she dropped the mic, she wrote a goodbye letter to tennis.

“I always knew how I would feel when it is time to say goodbye to you, and that moment has arrived. I am ready to close the tennis chapter of my life and open a new one, which I am really excited about.”

Goerges finished with a 7-10 record in tour-level singles finals. Her most notable titles came in 2011 in Stuttgart and in 2017 in Moscow.

"Julia's powerful playing style, exemplary sportsmanship and thoughtful nature made her a fantastic ambassador for women's tennis and a fan favorite around the world,'' said Steve Simon, chief executive of the WTA.

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