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The Buccaneers Put Another Check in the Win Column with their 2020 NFL Draft

Ever since The Tampa Bay Buccaneers we’re able to secure Tom Brady things seem to have been going their way and the 2020 NFL Draft was no exception.

In the first round of the draft, the Buccaneers traded up from the 14th pick to the 13th pick and drafted one the best ranked offensive lineman, Tristan Wirfs. This is much needed support for Tom Brady considering Tampa Bay did not have of the best offensive lines last season. He stands at 6’5 and is 322 pounds and it is no surprise that the video of him jumping clean out of the swimming pool went viral around the country. He was originally projected to go fourth on Mel Kiper’s big board but slipped and was definitely a steal for them.

Then in the second round the Buccaneers switched it up and went for someone on the other side of the ball drafting safety from Minnesota, Antoine Winfield Jr. Son of Antoine Winfield Sr. who played for over ten years in the league, Winfield Jr. has had a great mentor getting to this point.

He is a player who will beef up their secondary nicely and will definitely see the field plenty in his first season at Tampa Bay.

Going into the third round I think many people anticipated they would take someone from the offensive side particularly a receiver, but instead they drafted a running back to what is already a packed backfield. They currently already have Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber but neither of them last season really proved to be the lead back so it is understandable why they would draft Ke’Shawn Vaughn out of Vanderbilt.

The job is certainly up for grabs to who wants to be the top back in Tampa but they could also utilize all of them, the same way the Patriots and 49ers use their backs.

The Buccaneers had some time to think after the third round since they did not have any picks in the fourth round. What would have been there pick was traded to San Francisco then traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Moving on to the fifth round after having a hiatus of no picks in the fourth they went and selected wide receiver, Tyler Johnson, from Minnesota. This was another great addition for their offensive scheme and Johnson will add to what is already a stacked wide receiver core. With Brady on the team now Tampa Bay wants to make sure that he has the best available weapons.

Then in the last two rounds of the 2020 NFL draft the Buccaneers finished it off by snagging two more defensive players. They selected Khalil Davis in the sixth round and is a defensive lineman from Auburn and in the last round they chose Chapelle Russell, a linebacker from Temple University.

All in all, the Buccaneers did an amazing job with their draft selections. They chose players from all different positions giving them more depth than what they had already added this off-season. Most importantly, they were able to get a couple more weapons for their new face, Tom Brady, and they were able to get him more needed protection as well

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