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Tom Brady’s a Buc?

First things first. Tom Brady is Buc? I’m a huge Patriots fan, Always have been. Games in the old Schaefer/Sullivan stadium still cloud my memories. Heading up with my dad, brother and dozens of fans from all over. *sarcasm* Sitting in a half empty stadium watching 7-6 games against the likes of Ken O’Briens Jets.

Yea, I’m that fan. The one who endured decades of abuse, SB blow outs, 1-15 seasons year after year. Then came Parcells and we had life again until rumors of the team selling and moving to St. Louis started swirling. Enter Robert Kraft.

Kraft didn’t waste any time in making waves. He vetoed some of Parcells football decisions and we all know how it ended, Parcells now leaving and the beginning of one of the best sports dynasties ever. Bill Belicheck was now at the helm.

We all know the story, pick 199, Mo Lewis, Bledsoe Out, Brady IN!! Patriots win the SB!! Holy Crap the Pats are world champs. Tom Brady is now a household name and all he does is go on for the next 20 years to become one the greatest QB’s to ever play. When you say Brady, TB, TB12, Tom , there are no connecting the dots. We all know the name.

Knowing the stats 6SB wins, 9 SB appearances, 13 Afc Championships games, 17 divisional championships. All kinds of passing stats, did it with 4 different Offensive Coordinators. By the way Tom Brady is Buc!?

This past offseason TB12 became a Buc. This Pats fan isn’t crying about it. He’s 43….43!! When they tell his story on ESPN classics I hope they do so without the clips from Tampa Bay.

You know how we all cringe when we see lowlights of Jonny Unitas in a Chargers Jersey limping around the field looking helpless.

The way hockey fans look when they see clips of Gordy Howe in a HARTFORD WHALERS sweater, or MJ in a Wizards jersey. I can’t quite place why it looks sad or even downright pathetic but Favre a Viking , Prime Time a Raven, Namath a Colt, MONTANA A CHIEF!

Tom Brady is a Buc and history tells us that this is not going to end well for him. History tells us that ESPN will have a segment that shines a light on him hanging on too long, looking dejected and defeated all while wearing orange and playing for one of the most pathetic franchises in professional sports.

Im a Pats fan, I was a Brady fan and I will be again one day, but for right now TB12 is a Buc and I’ll be watching the Pats just as I always have.

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