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UFC 269 Results: Julianna Pena is the new Queen of the UFC

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UFC 269 was this weekend and what a card it was. There was 14 fights resulting in five underdog wins including the biggest underdog win in UFC History. The card held two title each presenting two of the best fighters in their respective divisions.

The biggest shock of the night came when the female G.O.A.T. of the UFC defended one of her two UFC titles; the Bantamweight Championship against contender Julianna Pena. Pena had only won 2 of her previous 4 fights but insisted leading up to the bout that she would not be scared of Nunes, that she would stand toe-to-toe with the champion and break her will. Which is exactly what happened. Nunes was on an 11-fight win streak, already amassing the title of best female mixed-martial artist ever.

Pena was able to withstand an early barrage and almost locked in a keylock at the end of the first round. The second round was all Pena, first Pena's lead jab landed over and over to stun the champion eventually causing Nunes to initiate a clinch. As soon as the challenger brought the fight to the ground, she started to lock in a rear naked choke and before she could fully lock in the hold Nunes was tapping.

Pena was initially shocked, either by the premature tap from the champion or the fact that Julianna was the first woman in over seven years to defeat Amanda Nunes.

When the shock cleared, Pena was crowned Bantamweight Champion and celebrated in the octagon with her entire family in a heartwarming moment for all UFC fans. Immediately after, Pena was interviewed by Joe Rogan where she said "I told you not to doubt me!" Which she stated several times before the fight.

Nunes, humble in defeat, claimed she'd be back in the gym soon to rematch her new rival in the near future.

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