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Uncle Felix’s Power 5, Week 16

This week’s NFL Power 5, week 16

1. Kansas City Chiefs (14-1): The Chiefs held on to defeat the Falcons 17-14, not their best game but they are still the cream of the crop. Clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs

2. Green Bay Packers (12-3): The Cheeseheads have established themselves as the team to beat in the NFC. Rogers and company tout the fire power to keep up with anybody in the NFL.

3. Buffalo Bills (12-3): Became the first team to sweep the Patriots in 20-years. There is not a deadlier combination than Allen and Diggs.

4. New Orleans Saints (11-4): The Saint lit up the scoreboard with 52-points as Alvin Kamara tied the NFL record of 6-rushing touchdowns in one game.

5. Seattle Seahawks (11-4): Clinched the NFC West with a 20-9 win over the Rams... With Wilson at QB, they are never to be counted out.

Honorable Mentions:

Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3)

Tennessee Titans (11-5)

~Uncle Felix

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