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What Sports Mean to High School Athletes: EWG HS

High School sports are all about bonding and family. You learn to love your teammates and you end up being lifelong friends with them. That’s the effect that HS sports have on student-athletes.

I was able to speak with Grace Albritton, senior volleyball player at EWG high school. When asked what high school sports mean to her she replied with, “I love being involved in sports, particularly in volleyball. I love the competition, meeting new people all over the state, and having fun. When I'm playing for EWG it’s even better, because i’m representing my high school. When I first moved to Rhode Island from Georgia, volleyball gave me a way to connect to people at my school and make new friends. When we played away games, people from the other schools knew who I was. They knew me as the “Georgia Girl” and loved my accent.”

I was also able to talk to Emerson Hart, center-mid about what high school sports mean to her. She replied with, “high school sports are so important to me. They are more than just getting to play a sport that I love throughout the season. I have made bonds throughout my years of high school through sports that I don't think could be broken. sports are something that i look forward to everyday and something that means the world to me, helping me prepare for more years of soccer in the future after high school.”

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