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What Sports Mean to High School Athletes: Pilgrim High School

Pilgrim HS

Being able to play High School Sports at any level is a blessing. Especially for the student athletes at Pilgrim high school. They almost had all of their athletic program stripped from them completely. Them as well as Tollgate would’ve been without sports if it wasn’t for them fighting for it.

I was able to interview Rj Ryan, attack men for Pilgrim lacrosse, and keeper for Pilgrim soccer. Rj has a great passion for both of the sports and is grateful that he can still play them at the high school level. When I asked what high school sports mean to him he replied with, “they mean a lot because over the 4 years you and the team become a family and have a special bond, and it really cool to be a part of a team.”

I was also able to interview Kenny Rix, basketball, baseball, and soccer player for Pilgrim high school. He, just like Rj, is very passionate about sports and when I asked what high school sports mean to him he replied, “HS sports mean everything to me. They are more than just a game you play the teams you play for are your family. They are your friends on and off the field and the people who you will do anything for. High school sports bring such a great atmosphere to high schoolers lives that nothing else can. The feeling of getting out there and doing your best to win the game with some of your best friends is unmatched. I have played 3 sports my whole high school career and it has been the best four years of my life.”

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