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When the Right, isn't always "right"!

An Op-Ed from SFBN Rhode Island's Matthew Jolles.

VP Joe Biden and Dr. Biden shake hands with Pope Francis before he departs from Philadelphia. | C/O: AP Photo

There has been a lot of consternation in the past weeks since the end of the 2020 Presidential Election. While many on the Democratic Party side believed the election was a clear victory, the Republicans, especially that of the MAGA Caucus continued to attempt to claim that there was widespread fraud. None of which has been able to be substantiated, nor has any clear evidence been presented as of yet. However, while both sides are entitled to their opinions, as is a right within a republic such as the United States of America, there are however some things that must be stated as fact or fallacies that must be debunked. Throughout the course of the General Election campaign, leading into the eventual selection of Joseph R. Biden as the President-Elect, there were radical statements made by many surrogates of the current President, even by the President himself. It’s best, for the sanity of all the citizens of this nation that some of these wild accusations be debunked so that we can all live comfortably over the next four years. President Trump has tried to paint Mr. Biden as a “godless man”, however, that would be exactly the contrary to the former Vice President’s life. In his 40-plus years in public service, his Catholic faith and the tenets of such have been more public that perhaps that even of the only other Irish-Catholic President in US history, John F. Kennedy. Mr. Biden and the Biden family are seen regularly at Sunday services. The President-Elect launched his campaign and made a core line of his speeches about a “battle for the soul of the nation” and referred to a passage from the scriptures in talking with the Poor People’s Campaign, saying “A calling to serve, not to be served. A calling toward justice, healing and hope – not hate. To speak the good news and followed by some good deeds. It’s not just enough to speak the good news, but good deeds.” If that’s not a showing of his faith and love of God, than the Catholic faith has been misleading us for centuries. Biden also carries a rosary, that once belonged to his late son Beau in his pocket and has been seen routinely pulling a small bible from his briefcase at times during traveling. The current President on the other hand, has never been seen at a proper service and when he made a photo-op in front of a church, he not only held the Bible upside down but backwards as well. Outside of the driving tenets and clear moral contrasts of faith are some of the more political and social differences in the President-Elect from the current occupant of the People’s House. Mr. Biden, sees the current pandemic as a public health issue that needs to be tackled with from a scientific and medical perspective, unlike Trump who just seemed to un-endingly wax that China let this happen to the United States like it was some sort of biological terrorist attack. Mr. Biden, sees Climate Change as an existential threat to the safety and security of our nation, so much so as to name Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who negotiated the Paris Climate Accord as his “climate czar”, even making it a position on the National Security Council, thereby giving him Cabinet level positioning.

Mr. Biden, sees justice reform as not a means to discriminate against people who don’t believe what he does or think what he wants them to think, but as a means to find ground that those who truly do not need to be targeted or segregated simply for being a certain skin color, religion, ethnicity, or more should not have to be frightened to be upstanding members of the society in which they live in. The African-American community, which has felt the most egregious impact of inequality in this country, since its inception, did not come to America on their on volition, so why are they treated still to this day in many communities as though they are invaders.

The one aspect to this that aggravates so many social equality campaigners are the facts that as a country we adore them when they are performers, entertainers, athletes but yet seem to find “fear” of them when they are not in that “controlled environment” as if they are still looked at by the slurs hurled at them during times of slavery and segregation.

On the subject of guns and gun rights, NO ONE, and yes that was meant to be capitalized for emphasis, is “coming for your guns”. President Obama didn’t and neither will a soon-to-be President Biden. However, this administration with perhaps the backing of a Democratic controlled Congress in both houses may finally be able to pass the necessary legislation to enact true Gun Safety Laws. There is yet to be one righteous piece of evidence that proves the need for general citizens to have AK-47’s or AR-15’s to “defend your house”. These are strictly assault weaponry that were designed for warfare and should be restricted to the military. That, is entirely in relation to guns what the incoming administration is looking at.

A bigger and quite more important issue, is our foreign standing. The United States for many decades has been one of the world’s greatest community members, until the past four years. We have executed numerous treaties, created some of the greatest global organizations and partnerships and spearheaded an international relationship campaign that has diminished the kind of bravado of some autocrats that precipitated the Great Wars.

There are some who believe that, cordiality is somehow akin to appeasement and that Biden’s willingness to have diplomatic relations with multitudes of leaders from all walks of ideology will destabilize our country’s security and or open certain groups to elevated operation from where they currently lay. However, during the campaign it was clearly stated that “A Biden-Harris administration will have no tolerance for terrorism, whether domestically or abroad. Our administration will work to strengthen capabilities of our defense and counter-terrorism partners.”

The lists and issues could go on and on. Any journalist could write for days about the FACTS of the matters at hand. It is just safe to leave it at this, as the great Rachel Maddow has said numerous times during her show “Watch what they do, not what they say”, though in regards to where the soon-to-be 46th President of the United States stands, you might this time around want to be careful of what is being said, because the Right Isn’t always “right”! This is an opinion/editorial piece that reflects the views of the author and was written with personal discretion. SFBN - Rhode Island supports the personal views of all of it's staff without discrimination and does not adhere to any particular political, social or economic affiliations. #news #politics #unitedstates #presidentialelection #joebiden #biden #donaldtrump #trump #opinion #editorial

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