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Which New England Sports Franchise is Most Beloved?

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New England fans have been known for their passion and devotion to their franchises. Along with Philly and New York fans, Boston/New England fans are loyal and die-hard. This is a well known fact, however, there is a question which is unanswered surrounding the New England franchises; which team is the most beloved? In order to begin to answer this question, you have to first acknowledge the successful histories of each team. 

The Patriots, more affectionately known as “the Pats”, have made 11 Super Bowl runs, winning 6 times, tying the Steelers for most Superbowl wins. As if this isn’t enough to cement their role as being the favorite team in New England, they have also had countless star players over time winning over their fans' love. Known for their ability to pull through any situation with a dub, the Pats have earned the trust of their fans. If Tom Brady had the ball with even one minute left, the opposing team would lose. Not to mention their grit and perseverance in their Super Bowl appearances, especially in Super Bowl XLIX when Malcom Butler came through with his historic interception at the 1 yard line. Or even the infamous “snowplow” game of 1982 against the Dolphins. The Pats narrowly escaped with a 3-0 win due to the kicker's spot on the field being cleared prior to the field goal. 

Speaking of star players, the Celtics housed some of the best NBA players of all time including Bill Russel and Larry Bird. Bird was not only a huge part of 3 Celtics championship teams, but he also won 3 consecutive NBA MVP awards in 1983, 1984 and 1985. Bill Russel was also highly decorated with the most championships in the NBA as a player, second most MVP awards in history, and most NBA finals appearances and games played in history. Overall, the Celtics also have the most titles of all time. With 16 titles, the franchise represents greatness in itself. 

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The Bruins were one of the first 6 NHL teams ever, and were the first to be based out of the U.S. The Bruins have an overall 6 Stanley Cup wins, and have also housed impressive rosters over the years. Bobby Orr joined the team in 1966 and ended his career by entering the Hall of Fame, becoming a two time cup winner, a 9 time all-star, along with many other accolades. Not to mention he helped revolutionize the team which had not had as much success prior to his addition. Joining the team in 1979, Ray Bourque also led the team to success through his talented defensive skills. He is a 19-time all-star and was also inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

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Last but definitely not least, we come across the Red Sox. The Red Sox have made it to 13 World Series overall and won 9. They will always be remembered for breaking the Curse of the Bambino, sweeping 4 games after already being down 3-0 in a seven games series. Nothing says Boston like a view of the “Green Monstah” and a hot dog or "Fenway Frank" in your hand at Fenway. 

With 4 strong options to choose from, it's easy to see this decision goes down to more than just records and accolades alone. The New England teams represent a passionate and robust fanbase who take their sports seriously. Maybe there is no one team that is the best, but they all play a role in representing the good, bad, and ugly of New England sports fandom.

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