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2022 MLB Draft; Jackson Holliday No. 1 Pick and Red Sox take another Shortstop.

Last night the MLB had it's player's draft, seeing over 600 players find out where their future homes will be once they are eligible to be called up to the show. The Orioles held the Number 1 pick in this year's draft, marking their fourth year in a row and their second No. 1 pick in that span.

This year's class was full of a great crop of offensive hitters, including a solid "Top-4" players with a distinct MLB heritage sprinkled throughout.

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World Series winner and 7 x All-Star outfielder Matt Holliday's son, Jackson Holliday was perhaps the most complete offensive player in the draft, with equal parts power and contact, including the ability to hit to either side of the field. He also has raw athleticism that will lead to a promising career at the shortstop position. Holiday would be the first pick to the Baltimore Orioles.

Second overall pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks Druw Jones is also the son of an all star. Andruw Jones, his father, was a 5x All-Star himself and hit over 50 home runs in 2005. Whereas Holliday is a 6-foot and 175lb infielder, Jones is standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 190lbs at 18-years old. He has true power for a high-schooler and should develop great pull power like his father.

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The eventual number four selection Temarr Johnson was the best rated prospect by many media outlets heading into this year's draft. Johnson is possibly the most balanced player in the draft, mixing his effortless throwing ability from the second baseman position with the best contact hitting in some time. The Pittsburgh Pirates took Johnson at pick 4 and will add him to the impressive list of young infielders in their club.

The third pick in this year's draft was the biggest shock of the night as the Texas Rangers took Kumar Rocker. Rocker was drafted number thirteen last year by the Mets, but because of an injury issue was never offered a contract. Rocker's two year's at Vanderbilt university was enough to show scouts he had potential, but it was this last year in the independent circuits that showcased his improvements in velocity and stamina. Rocker is 22-years old and with as high of a pick as three, will be expected to enter the major leagues as quickly as possible.

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Fast forward to the twenty-fourth selection and the Boston Red Sox have a big decision on their hands. The Sox are in a weird place in their organization, with a team in win now mode and a minor league club full of infield prospects, their was some expectation of a pitcher being drafted here as the team's bullpen has been a constant source of criticism. However it would mark two years in a row the Sox would draft a shortstop as Mickey Romero was chosen here. Romero stands at 6'1" and 175 lbs, and impresses with his speed and defensive ability at SS, 2B or 3B.

The decision by the Red Sox is questionable as there were three higher rated shortstops still on the board, and after just drafting your shortstop of the future in Marcelo Mayer at #5 last year, you double up on a prospect that still has a lot to learn as a hitter.

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