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2022 NFL Award Winners

The 2022 National Football League Honors show was last night and it recognized the truly best this league has to offer. From rookies that broke out onto the scene to long standing MVP performers getting the credit they deserve, the night was filled with talent, class and more than a little bit of competition in the best way possible.

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A total of 19 awards were given out to reward the players contributions on and off the field. There were 12 awards given out in appreciation of the players' on-field ability, while 7 awards were given to off-the-field creditable achievements along with coaches and even a fan.

The awards are a worldwide celebration these days and created a spectacle for everyone watching, while there wasn't much debate for any of these awards, the true spirit of a fantastic season filled with memories and good deeds made

for a night cherishing the past year and looking

forward to the next.

The awards and their winners were as follows.

Walter Payton Man of the Year Award: Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams OT

Andrew Whitworth wins the prestigious honor of the NFL's most coveted season award. His contributions

outside of the game of football to his community and as an ambassador of the game was unmatched this

year and was the epitome of class when accepting this honor.

AP Most Valuable Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB

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Rodgers' stat line of 4,216 yards, 40 touchdowns with only 7 turnovers is impressive enough to win this award. Add to the fact he led his Packers to the #1 seed in the NFC, the fact he is 38 years old and lastly that he is the first player to win the award in back-to-back seasons in 12 years, and it gets ridiculous. What does the future hold for the best current QB in the league ?

Air & Ground Players of the Year: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB; Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts RB

Tom Brady broke his personal record for passing yards in a season with 5,316 at his age 44 season. He also threw for 43 touchdowns on 68% completion percentage. Taylor would also have an amazing year, running the ball with 1,811 yards while adding 18 touchdowns with 3 rushes over 60 yards on the year.

Comeback Player of the Year: Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals QB

After a good start to his rookie season, Joe Burrow would tear his ACL after 10 games. When he came

back this season, everyone knew he'd improve but no one expected what was to come. Burrow would

not only lead his team to the Super Bowl but would throw for 4,611 yards and 34 touchdowns.

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Offensive Player of the Year: Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams WR

Cooper Kupp was almost the first Wide Receiver to win the MVP award with the season he put together this year. His 1,947 yards was only 18 yards away from breaking the single-season record. He also came in second for catches in a season with 145. He would end the season as the triple-crown winner for all receiving stats while helping his Rams make it to the Super Bowl.

Defensive Player of the Year: T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers LB

T.J. Watt was one official review away from breaking the all-time record for sacks in a season. Alas, he will have to settle for tying Michael Strahan's 22.5 record. Watt enters his family name into immortality as he and his brother now have a combined 4 DPOY's in their trophies.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: JaMmarr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals WR

This year's rookies of the year were possibly the best group in this award's history. Starting with Ja'Marr

Chase, who had the most rookie record for receiving yards in 50 years and the second-most rookie

touchdowns in history. His potential paired with Joe Burrow will truly be limitless.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys LB

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This award was the easiest decision made all night. Parsons was second in votnig for DPOY amongst all players not just rookies. A look at his stats will show you how truly versatile this young man is, with 13 sacks, 20 TFLs, 3 forced fumbles and 84 total tackles, Parsons was operating at a truly high level the minute he stepped on to an NFL field.

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