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Aaron Rodgers' Future

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After another disappointing playoff run by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, the eccentric future-hall-of-famer has left many stones unturned about next year and beyond when it comes to football. At this moment his contract has a team-option for an out this year, and with Jordan Love poised to take the reins of this team for a couple years now, it makes sense for the team to end the relationship.

Rodgers has grown malcontent with his situation on the Packers to put it mildly. Two years ago, head coach Matt LaFleur spent his first round pick on Rodgers' replacement, Jordan Love. Love was always going to be a "project-quarterback" and would give Rodgers time to leave on his own, but this move was personal for number twelve and elevated his game to new heights immediately after.

Rodgers is expected to receive his second MVP award in as many years, capping off a first-seeded, thirty-seven touchdowns and four interception season. This was supposed to be the year he put it all together and finally get back to the Super Bowl, a feat Rodgers and the Packers haven't done since 2011. Unfortunately, after the team's first-round bye, they lost a close, low-scoring encounter at home versus the 49ers. The game was shocking, as Rodgers didn't throw a touchdown and after their initial drive of the game, the offense only scored three points. This bitter taste seems to have been the last straw between the franchise and it's star player of the last decade, as Rodgers has since been on the Pat McAfee Show mentioning retirement and life away from the organization.

So if he does depart what's next? At least half of the team's in the NFL would take him right now, and the other half would at least get on the phone with him. When you have a touchdown-interception ratio of 136-15 in the last four years you can basically push any other quarterback to the bench and choose where YOU want to go.

So for now all we can do is speculate, and speculate we will! Here's the top landing spots we think he could go:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

  2. Denver Broncos

  3. Washington Football Team

  4. Indianapolis Colts

  5. Houston Texans

All of these teams have some interest from a prestige value and from a competitive value. The Steelers need to fill a void from Ben Roethlisberger's retirement earlier today, the Broncos have been searching for their franchise QB since Peyton Manning left and John Elway is a Free-Agent QB whisperer, Washington needs a QB desperately and has a solid team at every other position. The Colts seem to be done with new starter Carson Wentz and are in the midst of a Super Bowl window that will close sooner than later, and Houston wants to move on from DeShawn Watson and start anew, and Rodgers would be the perfect fit for all five of them.

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