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Aaron Rodgers Signs New $200 Million Deal

Around noon on Monday March 7th, the Green Bay Packers have sent an offer to the representatives of Aaron Rodgers to attempt to keep the MVP happy and on the team. Rodgers has been loudly unhappy throughout the last two seasons, and with both ending in another MVP trophy for him was making waves about a potential trade this offseason.

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Fast forward 24 hour later and we find out much money talks. The Green Bay Packers have come to terms on a new contract with their star QB at a value of $200 million dollars over the next 4 seasons, with $153 million guaranteed or $37.25 million a year guaranteed.

This new restructure will make Aaron Rodgers the highest paid per year player in NFL history. Even higher than Patrick Mahomes monster deal he signed a year-and-a-half ago.

Rodgers has made one Super Bowl appearance in his career and none since the 2011 season, over ten years ago. The Packers finished the 2021-22 season as the #1 seed in the NFC but lost in their first playoff game to the 49ers.

Aaron Rodgers has been a top-5 QB in the NFL for over a decade and plays for one of the best franchises in the NFL's history, but inly has an 11-10 record in the playoffs. This record diminishes to 7-9 since his first and only Super Bowl run, including 0-3 in NFC championship games.

So is this deal worth it for the Packers? It's clear that Aaron Rodgers is an elite all-time Quarterback, but his lack of success in the playoffs is something he will forever be measured by. His new record breaking deal means he has 4 years to finally get back to the big one and win, or his legacy will forever be questioned.

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