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An Interview with Don Brown. Who is Kwity Paye?

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Don Brown is currently the defensive coordinator for the Arizona Wildcats Football program. His signature scheme of rushing the passer and running all over the field after the ball carrier has given him the nickname, "Mr. Blitz". He is revered all over the country for his knowledge and intensity when it comes to coaching these young men, and preparing them for life afterwards in the NFL.

Coach Brown has a legendary resume when it comes to players he's coached that are in the NFL, with six of his players making the Pro Bowl in the last two seasons and three more on the cusp of entering the elite group of standouts at the end of next season. Players like Bills LB Matt Milano, Titans LB Harold Landry, Patriots Edge Rushers Chase Winovich and Josh Uche, Broncos and Browns All-Pro Safeties Justin Simmons and John Johnson III and many more. Brown was able to coach and influence these players over only the last six years, spending the last four in Ann Arbor with Michigan, and two more years at Boston College as both teams Defensive Coordinator.

Coach Brown obviously has been around a lot of talented players that have made a name for themselves in the NFL, and he may have another name entering the league this year that will add to his pantheon of great players.

Kwity Paye has declared for the 2021 NFL Draft and is expected to be drafted in the first round this year, with some mock drafts selecting him as high as the number nine pick. Kwity is 6'4" and 271 lbs. and totaled 23.5 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks in his four years at Ann Arbor, only three of which he was a starter which included the COVID-shortened season. If Kwity had started all four years with twelve games a year it's likely his career totals would have at least doubled. However " it's Kwity's intangibles" that truly separates him from the rest of this draft according to Brown.

"This man's character is so great, there isn't an NFL GM who won't love to have him," coach said while speaking on Paye's attitude while playing. He would also add, "For his size, he is a gifted athlete with quick foot movement and great hands. He's one of the most complete run and pass rushing defensive ends I've ever coached." When I posed the question of where Paye might go in the draft, Brown said, "His character matched with his athleticism should make him in the first round. That mixed with his passion to get better and work with his teammates and coaches helps, but the draft is a tricky process. What ever team drafts him will have a great young player ready to compete and get better right away."

Coach Brown's resume of coach talent in the NFL stacks up against anyone in the nation over the last four years. When I asked Coach Brown where Kwity might stand up compared to his previous players now in the league, Coach said, "You know I've had the privilege of coaching a lot of great players and men. John Johnson was another player like Kwity with immeasurable intangibles that will always help players in the long run. Great character translates to longevity in players' careers, and Kwity has those intangibles. He's one of the best pass rushing, what I would characterize as a 3-4 outside backer in this draft class, but his ability to get after running backs is also tremendous. Hustles every play. I am confident that Kwity will have a very successful career based on the person he is and the work ethic he has."

Kwity Paye currently sits at the #1 Edge Rusher for CBS, PFF and more media outlets covering the 2021 NFL Draft, while his lowest slot sees him as the third best in the category, these rankings make it almost impossible that Kwity isn't drafted on Day One of the draft. Kwity Paye is the kind of talent an NFL defense can be built around; strong and fast, with the ability to get after the ball no matter where it's going. The kind of person to lead his teammates on the field and maybe even more so in practice and the locker room. Whatever team drafts him will almost surely be a better team in the long-run for it, while also adding another player to legendary coach Don Brown's list of pupils turned NFL studs.

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