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Are We Starting to See The Real Tom Brady?

Tom Brady since his shackles have been removed has looked a lot more open and not as reserved when he was on New England and really showed everyone that when he went on the Howard Stern show just the other day. Brady was able to give us a side of him that no one thought that he had in him and he revealed some crucial details about his departure from New England.

The Patriot way is something that every player in New England takes very seriously and going on a show like Howard Stern would be going against that. As a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Tom Brady has the freedom to do this now. He is finally able to really act like himself and be more open to what is going on in his life. When Brady went on the show he said, “Welcome to the new me”, and that should assure everyone we will be seeing a different Tom from here on out.

He did everything that was asked of him in New England and has earned his right to break out of that shell and really express himself. Brady deserves this opportunity and Tampa Bay did a great job persuading him to join them.

To say the least, the biggest quote to take away from the interview with Howard Stern was, “I probably knew at the start of last season”. Brady says this in response to Stern asking him when he knew it was time to move on from New England. This is very shocking considering he played the whole last season and really did not make it seem at all that he was going to leave. It is clear though that there had to have been some disagreement in New England that ultimately resulted in his departure.

In addition to talking about leaving the Patriots in the interview, Brady goes on to talk about his family and how he needs to do what is best for them. He even gets into how at one point him and Gisele’s marriage was in a bit of turmoil so he had to make a change and he did.

All in all, it is very pleasing to see Brady feel more like himself and not have to watch what he says as closely anymore. This will be the first of many things Brady will take part in now that he has left New England and is ready to embrace his new team and new life.

Photo Credit: Clutchpoints

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