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Born to Run Premiers Sunday on NBC

New York- NBC Sports documentary Born to Run will premiere Sunday at 12 pm ET on NBC.

The documentary will tell the story of the legendary horse American Pharoah and what he is doing now since he has retired. The documentary will show exclusive footage of Pharoah's foals and how they learned how to race. In 2016, his first year at stud, American Pharoah earned approximately $30 million, which was four times what he earned in his racing career. He sired 162 offspring that year ( 81) of which were up for auction one year later at the Keeneland Yearling Sale, with 12 selling for at least $500,000.

“This is a business that’s all about hope. You find a horse like American Pharoah and you want some of that magic, some of that ability…when you breed to American Pharoah, you get the chance to breed to a horse of a lifetime.” – Jane Lyon, horse breeder.

When people saw Pharoah race, they were captivated with his size, as well as speed to finish races. “Unfortunately, one of the things that we can’t measure is their heart, whether the horse is really going to love to run.” – Keith Latson, veterinarian.

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