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Chapman Blows it Two Years in a Row

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On Friday night, the New York Yankees were eliminated in game five of the Americans League Division Series. This was a painful exit for Yankee fans, due to the fact that everyone believed this was the year they would make it to the World Series. Unfortunately, Aroldis Chapman ended their season for the second year in a row because of walk off home runs. Many are saying this was “ultimate revenge” for Mike Brosseau against Chapman, because of the horrendous pitch that almost came in contact with his head five weeks ago. However, Brosseau states, “No revenge, we put that in the past, we came here to win a series. We came here to move on, to do what we do best, that’s play our game.” And that’s exactly what was done, they played their game and they did it attentively. Despite his claim, fans still have their theories.

With Tampa Bay and the Yankees riding each other's necks this season, obviously the entire game was nerve-racking. The game went back and forth until the concluding inning. According to manager Aaron Boone, “It was a great back-and-fourth series with another great team that has a chance to go win a world championship, It came down to basically the last inning of the series. I don’t think anyone’s surprised by that necessarily. We came up short.” Yet, they have “come up short” for the last four years in disappointing postseason losses. For instance, in 2017 they lost in the ALDS in seven games, in 2018 they lost to their rivals the Red Sox, in 2019 they lost to a walk-off home run as well as 2020. 

This leaves many Yankee fans wondering the same thing: when is it going to be their season? I mean they are good enough to compete in the playoffs next season, however some alterations must be made, like the pitchers who will be starting next season, the players they want to re-sign or trade, and figuring out what they are doing with Gary Sanchez. With these changes, the Yankees will come back with major improvements in the next season. 

Regarding the loss on Friday night, even though there was said to be no revenge, the Tampa Bay Rays had a funny way of showing it. About an hour after the game had come to a conclusion, a handful of Rays stormed out of their locker rooms with cigars in their mouths blasting Frank Sinatra’s version of “New York, New York.” This is the song that the Yankees play at Yankee Stadium after a win. 

Let’s hope that next year New York, New York fills the stadium in which it belongs.

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