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Chris Sale is the Unluckiest Man in Boston

Well it was nice while it lasted.... kind of.

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Last night in only his second start of the season, Chris Sale, ace pitcher for the Boston Red Sox got a line drive straight at him striking his throwing hand and fracturing his pinkie finger.

After only .2 innings pitched in which his team was already down 3-0, Yankees OF Aaron Hicks hit a line drive right back to the mound that would injure Sale, who would immediately run towards his dugout holding his throwing hand.

Sale would later comment to the media saying "I knew immediately it was broken." Later on that night Cora would also comment saying, "He's not definitely out for the season."

Sale only has pitched 5.2 innings this season after missing the first three months of the season due to a fractured rib sustained at the beginning of the year right after he was done recovering from his Tommy John surgery in 2020. Since his last full season in 2019, Sale has pitched 48.1 innings in a role that averages about 205 innings per season.

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The Red Sox are currently in a very tight race for the AL Wild Card as the top seed in the AL East is almost certainly going to be the Yankees who are 13 games ahead of the 2nd seed Blue Jays and 16.5 games ahead of the Sox. The Sox are also 3.5 games out of the top Wild Card seeded Blue Jays and Mariners.

If Sale were to be able to return for the end of the season and especially a playoff game it will be instrumental to any success the Sox will have in October. It seems as though with Chris Sale's luck we may not want to ount our chickens before they hatch.

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