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Clippers Center Montrezl Harrell Leaves Orlando To Deal With Family Emergency

Orlando- Los Angles Clippers' Center Montrezl Harrell had to leave Orlando to deal with a family emergency and will be coming back to the "Bubble" at a later date.

Harrell is one of the key pieces to the Clippers' success this season. He has improved his game with boxing out better, taking the pressure of being the third option scorer on the floor in the first unit, and knows how to defend the basket pretty well. This season, he has increased his scoring and averaged 18.6 points per game, as well as 7.1 rebounds. He makes the game easier for Paul George, as well as Kawhi Leanard. Without him on the court, the Clippers will have to play Ivica Zubac, who is a decent defender but is inconsistent with scoring. He is not physical in the low post and this could cause a problem when the Clippers play the Los Angeles Lakers.

Harrell is the second player to leave the bubble to deal with a family emergency. The first player to leave the bubble was rookie sensation, Zion Williamson. Hopefully, both of these players' families are safe and healthy. Both of these players are the keys to success for their teams, but everyone understands that family comes first. The restart of the season will be uncannily weird, due to the fact that fans are prohibited from being in the arena, because of Covid-19.

However, a lot of people are glad that there is a re-start of sports and it will take Americans' minds off of what is going on in the world. Players will be wearing jerseys to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter Movement, while only a handful of reporters will be covering the game in person. It will be weird, but the NBA, as well as members of the media will adjust to the unorthodox format.

The first game the Clippers will play in the re-start edition will be against the Lakers on July 30th and it will be interesting to see how all of these players will be in sync with each other. Players have not played since mid-March and at the start of the game, you may see some rust unfolding with both of these teams.

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