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Cranston Public Schools Vote Us In!

Today, the Cranston School Department voted Fans Only Sportz Network as the live streaming platform for all high school sports. This means that all the Cranston Public School games will be available to the public on

Can you imagine that? You can set up your TV, order some pizza, and watch the games from home. You can also rewatch and replay the crazy touchdown, the insane goal, or the three pointer from downtown over and over again. The relative or grandparent that can't make it to the game can watch it from the comfort of their recliner.

Here at FOSN we have skilled commentators, video producers, and camera people who are going to get the job done. One of the things we pride ourselves in is community involvement and giving locals a chance to work in sports. On top of providing an elite service we also add educational opportunities with our internship program. Yes, we train college and high school interns to work in sports media production!

We want to thank our supporters, sponsors, Cranston School Department, and Athletics for always having our back and helping us hit this huge milestone! We are just getting started.


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