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Cumberland Suffocates Warwick 7-2

Photo C/O to Chloe French

It was the second meeting of the Cumberland Clippers and the Warwick Co-op Friday night, with Cumberland claiming the first game and doing the same once again at Thayer arena, smothering Warwick 7-2. This was a very meaningful game for both teams coming in, with the result having major playoff implications, and that was apparent on the ice, with a lot of physicality, which in turn resulted in a lot of penalties throughout the game.

The first period started as a classic back and forth hockey game up until about halfway through the first period, with a Warwick goal scored by senior Brady Martin, who was assisted by fellow senior Jacob Pickering and junior Daniel Kennedy. Warwick appeared to have the momentum off the goal, with their star players Ryan Barlow and Richie Cavanagh slicing through defenders and getting some opportunities at the net. With the clock at 6:05, it appeared that Warwick got another goal from junior Cooper Grossguth, but it would be overturned, much to the dismay of the Warwick bench and fans.

After Grossguth’s goal was taken off the board, the momentum would shift drastically, with a shorthanded goal by Cumberland’s Jamie Robbins, who was assisted by Christian Olivera, one of the Clippers’ top scorers. The Cumberland goal would come with 4:26 left in the first period. As the game went on, it would get more physical with big shots being exchanged between teams. Right before the end of the period, Robbins would claim his second goal of the game, quickly putting Cumberland up over Warwick 2-1 going into the first intermission.

Most of the second period would be a quiet one until Cumberland would strike again, with a goal by junior Sam Lopes, who had help from senior Troy Senn. The goal came with 5:41 on the clock. Things would start to get testy between Warwick and Cumberland, with some extracurricular activity that would result in a major penalty on Warwick’s Richie Cavanagh. Cumberland wasted no time taking advantage of the penalty with a powerplay goal scored by Sam Lopes’ brother, Jacob Lopes, with a laser from the blue line, and Senn would pick up his second assist of the game. Jacob’s goal would come just over a minute after his brother’s.

After four unanswered goals in rapid succession, Warwick’s frustration would spill over, resulting in some more extra curriculars after Grossguth took a shot at Lopes, leaving him shaken up on the ice. The whole altercation ended with three players in the box for Warwick, and Grossguth getting a major. Cumberland would have a prime five-on-three opportunity, with shot after shot on Warwick’s goaltender Braxton Bragg, who came into the game with a 93% save percentage. Eventually a shot would go in, Jacob Lopes would get his second goal of the game off a one-timer, and Oliveira would pick up another assist, along with junior Connor Magill Connor getting his first assist. The Clippers would go into the third period up 5-1.

Photo C/O to Chloe French

The third period would be an eventful one, with traditional five-on-five hockey becoming very rare. There would be four penalties committed by Cumberland within the first six minutes of the period. Despite the penalties, the Clippers would continue to dominate, with them getting a sixth goal. Cumberland’s sixth goal would come with 7:11 on the clock, and the scorer would be freshman Dylan Skurka, credit for the assists would go to Robbins and Oliveira.

Warwick would finally answer in a four-on-three advantage, with a goal by senior defenseman Lucas Hemond, who was assisted by Barlow and Pickering, trying to bring the score back to respectability. On the other hand, Cumberland was playing for a blowout as they were still pushing the puck with a 6-2 advantage. The Clippers would score once more, this time off the stick of sophomore Sean Taylor with 34 seconds left in the game, ultimately burying Warwick 7-2. Cumberland would finish the game with an impressive 33 shots on goal, doubling Warwick's 15.

After an important win, Cumberland will have a big challenge on the horizon in the form of back-to-back matchups against La Salle Academy. As for Warwick, they will look to put the Friday night beatdown behind them as they will go on to play Smithfield and Prout next. Although it was one-sided, it was a good game, with the intensity level and emotion being akin to a playoff matchup, and it is not out of the realm of possibility that these two could meet for a third time in the playoffs with the regular season coming down to the wire this month.

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