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Deshaun Watson Suspended 6 games

Deshaun Watson has been the subject of controversy for over a full year now and due to his alleged discretions, has received a 6-game suspension to start the 2022-23 NFL season.

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This suspension was completely expected from a perspective's point-of-view but the length was not. Watson was sat for the entire season last year as a member of the Houston Texans but was never given a formal suspension by the NFL. After the allegations started to pour in before the start of last season, the Texans and Watson's camp were in agreement that him sitting out the season was the best course of action.

Somewhat unexpecting at the start of this off-season, Watson was not only traded to the Cleveland Browns with a 4th round pick for 3-1st round picks, a 3rd and a 4th, but was immediately given the biggest fully-guaranteed contract in NFL history of $230 million over five years. At the time of the trade and contract, Watson was still facing lawsuits from over 20 accusers.

Since this trade Watson has settled out-of-court with most of the women, no doubt paying several million dollars in the process.

Last week, the NFL came out that they were in favor of handing Watson a 12-game suspension with a substantial fine and it was reported that Watson's camp was vying for a 6-8 week suspension with a fine. This was somehow resolved with a 6-game suspension for the 36-year old who will turn 27 this season.

Many will argue Watson's suspension is much too lenient, citing Calvin Ridley's full-year suspension for betting on his own team in games last season. The NFL's history on punishment for it's players especially against crimes against women have been under scrutiny for several years, most notably in the case of Kareem Hunt, and this case will be no different.

Nonetheless Deshaun Watson will return Week 7 when the Browns travel to Baltimore ot play their rival Ravens in a hugely anticipated match with even more to "look forward to" now.

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