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Drunk Driver Injures Two WWEWG Hockey Players In A Head On Car Crash Late Friday Night

I wish I was writing a Super Bowl article instead… The Rhode Island State Police arrested Alexander Krajewski, 30, of North Kingstown Friday night for multiple violations including driving under the influence on Friday after he collided head on with an oncoming vehicle containing two students from West Warwick High School.

Courtesy of undisclosed source

This vehicle contained two membesr of the West Warwick/ Exter West Greenwich Co-op high school hockey team. Goal tender Kevin MacDonald and F Matt Dennison were in the car when it was hit. Full details of the crash have not been released.


Krajewski, was later released on bail while the accident is under investigation. However, our sources state that Macdonald received a broken arm and femur while Dennison is in critical condition and in a medically induced coma with injuries. The fact that Krajewski is at home while these two boys are in the hospital Injured is mind boggling. I mean look at this moron;

Krajewski, 30, of North Kingstown

We here at FOSN extend the WWEWG hockey families and community or best wishes and send thoughts and prayers to Matt, Kevin and their families. This is an unimaginable tragedy that should never have happened. This individual better get everything that is coming to him.


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