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East Providence Townies in a Crisis of Confidence this Year

I’ve been watching tv lately, mostly documentaries and biographies. You know what I hate the most? When basketball is compared to jazz. It makes sense since there's no real position other than, get the ball and put it in the hoop. It allows for much more creativity in your team and split-second plays. But what  no one ever  tells you is  that basketball's meaner, younger cousin football is like an orchestra. You cannot just wing a football game, you need a direction, a composer, (see where I'm going with this). But a composer is only as strong as his weakest peers. What you also need is some composure. If you think you are going to lose you will...

C/O to

Which brings me to this year where my home town east providence had a decent year but could not move the mark on their football team. But you want to hear something funny every time they said they would crush it , even if it was a good team like saint rays. But every time they would say they themselves would get crushed they would do so  like they did with the central teams. It's like a negative feedback loop that is really hard to get out of..

But alas, I am not here to pick a fight or pick apart my own team. 

Townies if you are reading this which I hope you are, please crush LaSalle cause its about time that red beats green.



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