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Every NFL Team's Draft Needs

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With the NFL Draft only two weeks away we want to dive into what each team's thought processes will be on the day in question.

Most team's have a very difficult decision of whether they should draft based on need or best available. While it's common for the latter to be taken first, the draft gives team's their best opportunity to key in on certain positions and build their future in them.

This article will not be a mock draft and it will not consider the draft order, but solely will focus on what each team's biggest positional need is for the 2022-23 season. Player's names that fit the position and scheme for the team will be given along with what picks they have to work with and a brief explanation of why they're needed.

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Buffalo Bills (Picks 25, 57 and 89)

Biggest Need: Cornerback

For the Super Bowl favorites going into this season there are not many holes in their roster. However, aside from Tre White they could definitely use another man corner.

Roger McCreary from Auburn would make sense for them,

Miami Dolphins (Picks 29, 50 and 102)

Biggest Need: Interior Linebacker

The Dolphins need help manning the middle of the field both in the run game and pass game. If Devin Lloyd were to drop to their first round pick it would be a perfect fit.,

New England Patriots (Picks 21, 54 and 85)

Biggest Need: Interior Offensive Line

The Patriots have made a dynasty out of plug-and-playing players that turn into stars. Their O-line is no different, but with David Andrews set to retire soon and Ted Karras leaving in Free Agency, drafting Kenyon Green out of TAMU would give them a great guard or tackle that would thrive in the scheme.

" Derek Stingley Jr." C/O to

New York Jets (Picks 4, 10, 35, 38 and 69)

Biggest Need: Cornerback

The Jets have a lot of holes, but their biggest hole is their secondary. This MUST be addressed and with two top-10 picks there's no time like the present. It's likely either Sauce Gardner out of Cincinnati or LSU's Derek Stingley Jr. will drop to the 10th spot.

Baltimore Ravens (Picks 14, 45 and 76)

Biggest Need: Defensive Tackle

The Ravens have a solid roster with no immediate needs. However their 1-2 punch t defensive tackle are on the wrong side of thirty and are steadily decreasing in efficiency. The #14 selection should be perfect to draft Jordan Davis out of Georgia.

Cincinnati Bengals (Picks 31, 63 and 95)

Biggest Need: Cornerback

The defending AFC champions made their way to the Super Bowl with almost no secondary whatsoever, Adding a solid cornerback will do wonders to make this defense even better. With their late picks, drafting Kyler Gordon will give them a man corner who can get messy in the slot if needed.

Cleveland Browns (Picks 44, 78 and 99)

Biggest Need: Defensive Tackle

The Browns just landed Deshaun Watson and have an overall great offense. Last year they addressed linebacker with J.O.K. leaving defensive tackle their only hole. DeMarvin Leal has been dropping on boards and may be able to slide to them at 44.

Pittsburgh Steelers (Picks 20, 54 and 80)

Biggest Need: Offensive Tackle

The Steelers need to get younger on their O-Line, especially after investing a first rounder into Najee Harris last year. Northern Iowa's Trevor Penning should fill the role of run blocking tackle seamlessly and overnight, will make this unit better.

Denver Broncos (Picks 64, 75 and 96)

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Biggest Need: Interior Linebacker

The linebacker role in Denver has never been the most important for their scheme. Stopping the run should be however. Adding a player like Christian Harris out of Alabama will give this defense a much easier time with that task

Kansas City Chiefs (Picks 29, 30, 50, 62, 94 and 103)

Biggest Need: Defensive End

Some people will think that the Chiefs need to draft another wide receiver after Tyreek Hill's departure. While that may be true, a dependable defensive end like Kingsley Enagbare would instantly add much needed QB pressure to this defense.

Las Vegas Raiders (Pick 86)

Biggest Need: Defensive Tackle

The Raiders spent this off-season perfecting their offense, so now it's time to draft on the other side. What a perfect way to start in the trenches, with a late pick like Logan Hall out of Houston who can rush the passer and clog the rushing lanes equally.

Los Angeles Chargers (Picks 17 and 79)

Biggest Need: Offensive Line

The Chargers have spent two season gathering their O-line for Justin Herbert and this year should be no different. Kenyon Green would slide perfectly into their offense as either guard and help protect Herbert for years to come.