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Florida Football Prospects Continue to Dominate the Industry

Florida is a state that breeds elite athletes, especially football players. According to highschool football America, Florida currently trumped every other state in the U.S. with 192 players on an active NFL roster; and the trend certainly doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Well, there must be something in the water at Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, Florida, as they currently have two young prospects preparing to make a name for themselves at the next level. Jaydon Hodges and Donathon Lecorn are the face of Trinity Catholic’s football program. Hodges, a three star recruit, is an incredibly talented member of the Celtic’s secondary as the starting safety. As if his film does not speak for itself, Hodges also possesses the ideal frame of a strong and athletic safety, standing at 5’11” and 1822 pounds. His ability to produce on the field and showcase his talent has helped him catch the eye of multiple division one collegiate programs. Brown, Yale, and Michigan State are just a few of the 26 schools that seek out the ability that Hodges can bring to help bolster their secondary. With that being said, Hodges is set to announce his commitment Monday, January 1st. Upon speaking with Hodges, it is clear to see that this young man is a valuable asset both on and off the field. No matter where Hodges ends up, he plans to major in Political Science, as one of his future goals is to become the Governor of Florida. However, Hodges plans to keep football in his life long term as it is the game that he found a passion for. Whether that be if the NFL comes knocking, or just coaching youth programs in his home state of Florida. After our conversation, Hodges wanted me to ensure that his message was passed along to all who may need to hear it. "It is okay to be different. /to reach out and take advantage of opportunity. To choose a path that others may not take. Accomplish your dreams from anywhere. That is the mentality that I have." Hodges is prepared to take on the world both on the gridiron and in the classroom, and no matter which direction his college career takes him this young man is set to accomplish big things.

In addition to Hodges, Jaydon’s fellow teammate Donathon Lecorn has found his own ways to make headlines as well. The star two way talent has made his name known on both sides of the ball, playing as an outside linebacker and a running back. Currently only in his Junior year at Trinity Catholic High School, Lecorn has already received his first offer. Coincidentally Brown, a school actively recruiting his teammate Hodges, has seen his potential and extended an offer to him as well. This offer could potentially allow the two high school friends and teammates to play together once again at the next level. However with no guarantees, Lercorn has stated that he is just eager to play out his senior year. “The love I have for this game is real. This sport is giving me a way to make an opportunity to help my family. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for my adopted parents. They have been here for me when no one was and I want to continue to make them proud”, said Lecorn. “I never thought I could overcome some of the obstacles that life showed me but with God and faith anything is possible.” There is no way to predict the future, however what is certain is that the future of these two young men is very bright. With their incredible skill set and mindset Hodges and Lecorn have the ability to carry on the torch successfully no matter whom they commit to. The only question that remains is…. What school is lucky enough to land themselves these two up incoming stars?

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