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Former Nike executive starts up platform for women athletes

New York-Former Nike executive Stefanie Strack decided to take a leap of faith and start her own start-up VIS for women athletes.

VIS means Voice in Sports, and Strack wants women to start telling their stories, as well as uplift each other through trials that they had to endure in sports. The platform will be online and will feature daily content on young women ages 13-22 on educational content, offer digital mentorship programs, and address gender disparities within sports.

“Girls drop their sports because the deck is stacked against them. From the beginning, their experience in sport is full of societal inequalities, in contrast to what male athletes experience, and it simply has to change," Stefanie Strack.

Strack knew the cards was stacked against her to start her own platform, but that was something that she wanted to do and somethig that she was passisnate about doing. Strack invested over a million dollars for her busiess.With VIS these athletes can lean on each other and push each other to excel in a male dominated society.

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