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Game, Set, No Match for Serena Williams

Image C/O: Agence France-Presse - Getty Images

Serena Williams has unfortunately withdrawn from the French Open due to a reoccurring injury to her left Achilles heel. This injury first came to light at the U.S. Open semifinal versus Victoria Azarenka, and it, apparently, never fully healed. With that being said, the recovery cycle to this type of injury is mentally and physically demanding. It starts with two weeks of complete rest, followed by rehab for several more weeks, and most people can get back to normal activity within four to six months. Williams stated, “Achilles is a real injury that you don’t want to play with, because that is not good if it gets worse. I think it’s one of the worst. So I don’t want it to get to that point, where I actually have a chance to get better.”

Williams will continue to be a role model to women in sports even with the disadvantage of this injury. She dominates both on and off the court. When athletes are watched by younger generations, they are judged by what they do, how they handle themselves in difficult situations, and how they react when they win or lose. Young girls look up to Serena Williams and think, “I want to be like her” which places a lot of responsibility and pressure on Williams;with this popularity takes a lot of bravery and inner power. The 39 year old tennis player states, “It’s not easy to be brave and not care what people think, because a lot of us do. But if you can adopt that type of attitude, then it will really help you in life, in terms of success and performances. It’s important to live your life and not someone else’s”.

So, as Williams continues to heal and gets back to the game she loves, her fans will continue to show their support and admiration. She had confirmed that when arriving in Paris she was in pain, but, despite this, she thought she would be able to pull through and secure another major title. Let's hope that she has a speedy recovery so that she can come back to the game that has brought joy to herself and her fans. Serena Williams has pulled through many challenges with dignity and grace, and we have no doubt that she will be back better than ever in no time.

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