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Here are your High School Hockey Rankings for Boys and Girls in Rhode Island as January Closes

Hottest team in the Ice the past two weeks
C/O @nkmensicehockey Instagram

We went in on this one! We have all boys divisions and now… girls as well!

As the playoffs get closer the amount of games Fans Only Sportz Network will be live-streaming expands to include more DII, DIII and Girls Division. So, we thought it was only fitting to super size these rankings and go all in!

If you haven’t signed up to watch all the hs hockey action in RI the link is here:

If you weren’t signing up due to the lack of girls and lower division teams on the network, now there is no excuse!

Without further ado, here are our rankings for all boys ice hockey divisions:

Team Rankings:



  1. La Salle - they square off with the Hawks on 1/29

  2. Bishop Hendricken - taking the L against EG won’t matter if they can silence the Rams in a regular season match up

  3. East Greenwich - they got bit by the COVID bug, but will come back strong

  4. Moses Brown - we called it in an earlier rankings article, the Quakers are for real

  5. Smithfield - they hang tough n in n every game, if they find their offensive niché look out

  6. Cumberland - the rough start made everyone wonder, now they are formidable every game



  1. NK - they won every game they needed to and could be the hottest high school team in RI right now

  2. RMR - shocked a lot of people with their win over Portsmouth

  3. Portsmouth - couple losses drops from 1 to 3

  4. Cranston West - very talented group, looking to rediscover their identity after loosing an offensive weapon

  5. PSW - the most consistent team in D2

  6. Lincoln - they came back form a very tough start and with a few big wins have reay shown grit

C/O Coventry Oakers Hockey FB


  1. Coventry - it’s going to take a big effort for a current DIII to knock them off

  2. SK - very nice goaltending from the Rebels

  3. Ponaganset - getting better every week and their team is hungry fry for success

  4. NARIHO - tough group

  5. WWEWG - with a group of studs they should have more wins



  1. Nick Defelice - BH

  2. Matt Moretti - BH

  3. Owen O’Farrel - MB

  4. Michael Brouillard - LSA

  5. Tommy Sheehan LSA / Colin Walsh EG


  1. Keaton O’Shea - RMR

  2. Justin Drohen - CW

  3. Jonathan Lopea - RMR

  4. Devin Cormier - Lincoln

  5. Gately Conall - NK


  1. Matt Dennison

  2. Cody Granville - SK

  3. Collin King - Coventry

  4. Michael Laroche - Coventry

  5. Eison Nee - SK



  1. Andrew Bradley -LSA

  2. Ben Riccitelli - LSA

  3. Colton Whitfield - BH

  4. Griffin Crain - BH

  5. Mitch Farrell - BVL


  1. Jay Levy - CW

  2. Noah Leys - RMR

  3. Jack Lemire - PSW

  4. Carter Tillson - Lincoln

  5. Daniel Biello - Portsmouth


  1. Tyler Usler - WWEWG

  2. Samuel Sonnenschein - WWEWG

  3. Will Cavanagh - PON

  4. Garrett Kirwin - SK

  5. Kody Fretts - COV



  1. Max Cute - LSA

  2. Drew Carr - BH

  3. Cole Barron - EG

  4. Camden Siwik - BARR

  5. Jacob Selema - SMTH

  6. Caleb Jawharjian - LSA


  1. Riley Harrison - PSW

  2. Max Braun - RMR

  3. Steve Dutra - PHS

  4. Braeden Perry - NK

  5. Zach Grenon - NS


  1. Sam Morse - COV

  2. James Cavanagh - PON

  3. Sam Wallin - SK

  4. Kevin Macdonald - WWEWG

  5. Mason Campbell - NARIHO

Girls division will consist of team, overall players in Division 1 and goalies. We are excited to begin to bring you girls high school hockey on Fans Only Sportz Network. Here is the link once again to sign up:

Here are the ladies!

Team Rankings:

  1. LSA - these ladies are very dominant year after year.

  2. BPB - big time hockey in NRI

  3. NNKSK - NK has solid athletics all the way around, imagine how well a Co-Op should do

  4. SCMB

  5. MSCCL

  6. WRWCK


  8. BMTHP

Top Players:

  1. Keira Goffe - SCMB

  2. Patrice Davonte - LSA

  3. Riley Trudeau - MSC

  4. Ayla Paley - WAR

  5. Braelyn King - CRN

  6. Mia Stilley - Smith

  7. Carina Cardi - LSA

  8. Eliza Barker - LSA

  9. Brooke Forget - MSC

  10. Allison Murphy - MSC

Top Goalies:

  1. Kate Grivers - LSA

  2. Paige Almon- BPB

  3. Mary Centracchio - WAR

  4. Veronica Sabatino - NNKSK

  5. Grace Davenport - MSC

So! Here it is folks! All boys divisions, girls, goalies.. you name it!

Best of luck to everyone is this week’s games!

Thank you to and Justin Lake for the statistical help!


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