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Is Cam Newton Getting an Unfair Shake in the Free Agency Market?

Cam Newton is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the NFL in the past 10 years and still has yet to receive a contract.

As we know , the QUARTERBACK position in any football league is the most important . Not only do you have to be talented, but must carry yourself in the most positive way possible.

The attributes range from being a leader in the locker room, inspirational , open minded, competitive, a great decision maker, building relationships with teammates and creating a winning atmosphere.

Lots of them fail, lots of them pass. There are QBs that don’t even get that chance, nor a second chance though they have done everything they were asked to do. Cam Newton fits this description perfectly.

A few weeks ago the Carolina Panthers made the decision to release Newton after nine incredible years as the face of the franchise (CMC YOU ARE THE FACE NOW).

It was troubling to see this go down because the feeling that Newton is still capable of being a valuable Quarterback for this organization.

Yes, everyone goes through their ups and downs in life as Newton did, but that never took the heart away from the game that Newton prepared to play every Sunday.

Since his arrival as a number-one pick in 2011, there has been nothing this man has not done, besides win a Super Bowl. In that game yes you can say he gave up some how on the team; a team that literally went through the season dominating each and every week but what does everyone expect. It was a high pressure game, on the other side you have a legend at QB and a crazy defense in the Denver Broncos.

In the world we live in of course Newton was gonna get the most feedback after a poor performance. He didn’t handle it well… leaving a sour tastes in many NFL fans mouths.

Before that Super Bowl, Cam was top of the world. Wether it was his infamous superman pose after touchdowns, handing fans football after the six points were put on the board, giving that panthers team every week a chance to win and pumping up that Carolina crowd and city.

Yes, life changes, people change and situations change as they did for Cam over the next few years after the hard loss, but the final blow that the Panthers gave Newton occurred during his injury last season. They lost hope in a guy who had lots left in the tank for Teddy Bridgewater (IS HE EVEN BETTER THEN CAM ?)

As free agency has begun and basically has hit his highest point, this fella is looking for a job and still doesn’t have not one deal. Guy has no off field issues, has been cleared to resume all football activities, and better then 60 percent of QBS in the NFL.

Maybe the reason why no job has been offered to Cam because they don’t wanna pay him the cash, maybe it’s his off field antics. It certainly isn’t his ability to win and make big plays.

Newton’s 59.6% completion percentage people will throw in the fire, but that is not a great indicator of his potential. Newton is still able to lead an offense, be a threat on that side of the ball and be that creative guy that he’s always been.

Many fans fell in love with him. We have seen people during this free agent season get some big bucks and they aren’t better then Newton.

PHIL RIVERS, 25 mil – Love Phil but he’s at the end I’m sad to say its over pretty much.

RYAN TANNEHILL, 4 Yrs 118 mil- We know the story behind this, its a what u did for me now league but we really gonna sit here like we didn’t see him in Miami


TEDDY BRIDGEWATER, 3 Yrs 60 mil- terrible, no debating. a broken clock is right two times a day. he went 5-0 wit a sinus team without Drew Brees… So Matt Cassell won 11 when Tom was hurt

Newton will eventually get a contract to prove himself even though his resume should speak for itself. Some potential suitors for Newton could be; Redskins, Chargers, Bengals (if Joe Burrow isn’t what they want) and the Broncos.

The world knows he’s getting an unfair shake and he knows it as well, but with the heart that Newton has, he will overcome this obstacle and bounce back.

This is not the end for CAM NEWTON !!!!!!

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