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Jaguars are roaring with talent at the running back position

Jacksonville, FL- Despite releasing Leonard Fournette, the Jaguars are optimistic about the running back that they have right now.

The Jaguars have some talent in the running department with Chris Thompson. Thompson played with the Washington Football Team for six seasons and provided a little spark for the team. The Jaguars like that he has breakaway speed, can catch the ball well, and does not complain about blocking. Without Fournette in the lineup, Thompson looks to be that go to run back that the Jaguars need this season.

Jaguars running back coach Terry Robiskie had great things to say about Thompson being a leader on and off the field. In a virtual conference with members of the media. "In that room it’s phenomenal because to have Chris in there, any time that we’re going in and installing something new, especially with so many other things going on in the world, so many distractions today. With everything that’s going on with the world, the environment, the society and so many other things going on in the world today, it’s a true blessing to have Chris in there to just clarify something that may be as simple as 2 yards wider, 2 yards deeper. To have Chris in there who has done it and has done it consistently at a high level in this offense, is a plus. So, Chris is a blessing and I’m happy as heck that he’s here.”

Last season the Jaguars ranked 26th offensively in the league and it was because they really did not have a guy that could take the pressure off of their quarterback. Bringing in a guy like Thompson could be a game changer for the Jags, because he lets his work do the talking, doesn't mind doing the dirty work, and will hold other players accountable for missed blocks or mistakes. With only a week left until the 2020 NFL season starts, it will be interesting to see how the Jags will use Thompson. Will he be in the line-up for majority of the snaps or will he be there for special packages that the Jaguars will draw up for him? Only time will tell.

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