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Justice is NOT Served at Bail-Review Hearing for Krajewski

Krajewski at bail review hearing

The judicial system fails MacDonald and Dennison as their assailant walks out of the court room being allowed to drive so he can go to his paramedic classes.

Is this real? Can this possibly be the way the judicial system works? Appalling is an understatement when it comes to the decision made by RI District Court at the bail-review hearing for the Newport Firefighter Alexander Krajewski after he hits two minor boys in a head on collision, where he was impaired.

So this scum of the earth is allowed to drive, continue on with his life, although assuredly only momentarily. He can also create revenue for himself. All this while Kevin MacDonald is recovering at Hasbro and Matt Dennison is still fighting in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital. How is this justice?

One person who is really struggling with this RI District Court decision is WWEWG hockey head coach Justin Lake. Justin, a member of the West Warwick Police Department, is sworn to uphold the law and serve and protect as a first responder. Imagine being forced to be torn between a careen in public service and a career as a hockey head coach and his commitment to his players and their families. I can’t imagine how that feels.

“It’s hard to explain to the boys in the lockeroom how the criminal justice system works and how this man is able to continue to educate himself and better himself while Matt and Kevin won’t be able to for a long time!“ said Lake

Lake did not want to comment much and the parents are just in shock and torment by what’s happening. I’m a father and I can’t imagine what they are going through. The anger of this villan Krajewski, walking free and driving none-the-less. It’s sickening.

The court ordered Krajewski to have a breathalyzer attached to his ignition and he will have to pass the test before he can start the vehicle. Big deal.. that is comforting? I don’t think so.

Newport Fire Department said, per the Providence Journal, that Krajewski is still employed pending the outcome, because you have to drive to be a firefighter. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! That’s why he wouldn’t have a job? Only if he can’t drive? What about the fire fighter oath, DO NO HARM? What about the other part of the oath to protect and care for the public no what what the situation?

Krajewski is a first responder and caused the accident. He didn’t even attempt to offer care for the boys! Did he? Would Matt Dennison be in a better situation now if Krajewski would’ve lended help while they were waiting for help to arrive? THIS AND THIS ALONE SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO TAKE HIM OFF A PUBLIC SERVICE POSITION.

There will obviously be more to come on this. For now we just want the boys to be safe and recover. We all want Matt to take a turn for the better and come back home to his family. Let’s just pray for the boys and put our thoughts towards them and not this piece of trash Krajewski, who is driving a car around that someone is going to lend him because his vehicle is destroyed after taking out 2 innocent kids.

Matt and Kevin have go fund me pages here are the links:

Ron Robert

@fosportz on twitter and IG

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