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Khabib Nurmagomedov looks to pose a threat to Justin Gaethje

New York- Khabib Nurmagomedov looks to continue his winning streak in the UFC against Justin Gaethje on Saturday.

The main card for UFC's fight night this week should be a classic fight between Khabib and Justin. Both fighters are extremely skilled with their striking ability, as well as how they will dominate their opponents on the ground. Khabib has a record of 28 wins and has never loss, while Justin has 22 wins and 2 losses. Khabib is one of the unique fighters that the UFC has seen in recent years. Khabib finishes opponents off in a very methodical way.

A lot of fans and critics have stated that Justin can pose a threat to Khabib if they go in the later rounds. Khabib has a tendency to tire late into the rounds and throws less punches. In order for Justin to make this a fight, he has to bring it. Khabib does not really check knee kicks, so Justin has to mix it up a bit. Both fighters come into the fight weighing 155 pounds. It should be an explosive fight between both fighters. The fight is set to take place at fight island and the card starts at 2 pm ET.

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