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***Know Your History*** ~Was Jesus Born On December 25th?

An op-Ed by: Uncle Felix

***Merry Christmas***

~Know Your History

How did Christians come to select December 25th as the birth date of our Lord and Savior? Many will have you believe that the date was selected to coincide with Pagan tradition... We all know that Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and so it is believed the date was picked because it was familiar to Pagan tradition..... However this is NOT the case. Christmas has developed Pagan trappings as the years went on... but no evidence shows Christians adopting any of these trappings in the 3rd century which is when the date was established (well before Constantine and his conversion) What we do know is that in two parts of the world Christians celebrated the birth of the Jesus on this date... the date derives from ancient Jewish tradition that believed that Jesus was conceived and died on the same date (March 25).... December 25th is 9-months after conception... Hence we celebrate his birth on December 25th.... So next time somebody says the we (Christians) are celebrating a Pagan holiday... take the time to educate them on the facts.

Take some today to remind your loved ones about the real reason for the season. Speak for them about our Lord and Savior Jesus. Merry Christmas!

~Uncle Felix

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