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La Salle Girls Hockey Continues to Win as they Defeat South County Girls Hockey 3-1

C/O to Jack Ogilvie

The 3-3 South County Girls Ice Hockey team hosted the 8-3 Las Salle Girls Ice Hockey team this Friday night (2/11). Both teams were coming off of a winning streak and looking to keep the streak alive.

The game started slow and pretty even with lots of back and forth hockey for the first 12 minutes. It took until there was 2 minutes and 12 seconds left in the first period for a team to score. La Salle’s Sofia Calabro punched in the first goal of the game making the score 1-0.

Lasalle ended the first period up by one.

Much more action came in the second period. Still an evenly matched game however. With 6:46 left in the period Lauren Avedisian for South County scored her first, and the teams first goal of the day tying the game up 1-1.

At the three minutes remaining mark Lasalle’s #19 Adriana Dooley scored a goal regaining la Salle's one goal lead.

The second period came to an end with La Salle up 2-1.

The third period started off with more back and forth hockey but La Salle was finding more and more shot opportunities. Unfortunately for them, these opportunities were not turning into goals.

All of this changed with two minutes and fourteen seconds left when Eliza Barker of La Salle scored on a fast break, stretching the Lasalle lead to two goals.

Eliza’s goal ended up being the final goal of the game.

La Salle -3 South County -1

After the game I was given the opportunity to talk to La Salle’s head coach, Coach Sean MaNamara. He spoke on how he prepared his team for this game all week. He knew that South County had a very deep roster and a great goalie. He also stated “In the end, when you come home with a victory in this division… it's a good night”

Tonight was a good night for the players of La Salle's Girls Ice Hockey team indeed as their record is now 9-3.

-Jack Ogilvie

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